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Life Insurance is available for all ages from age seventeen to seventy. If you have no major health issues you can usually take out an Life Insurance Policy. The premium you are charged will of course be based on your age and to some degree your health at the time of applying. How much cover should you have? This figure can be calculated by your Financial Broker. However, if you want to calculated how much life insurance you require, feel free to use our easy Life Cover Calculator. Life Insurance is bought under three man headings. They are:

Term Life insurance - Mortgage Protection Life Insurance - Whole of Life Insurance.

Term Insurance, as the name suggests provides you and your family protection if you die within a specified term. The term can range from anywhere between 5 years to 40 years. The benefits covered by a Term Insurance plan can offer Peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones.

Term Assurance is the most common form of life insurance available in Ireland today. Once you have established your required level of cover and how long you need it for, then its time to head over to the click4cover online life insurance quote engine. We'll provide you the cheapest life insurance quotation from our list of six major insurers. For more information on life insurance, please see our guide below. For more information on term cover please see our cheaper life insurance guide page



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